Beauty is Skin Deep

Have you ever heard the saying beauty is only skin deep? I’m sure you have! While that isn’t true, it is essential to take care of our health inside AND out. This week we’ll look at some simple, affordable things you can do to have healthy beautiful skin.

Many people don’t appreciate the role your skin plays when it comes to health, but it is an important part of the body being that it’s our largest organ!

Some people want to take care of their skin but find that effective skincare products often are expensive or out of their price range.

I am definitely one of those people! Which is why I searched and compiled a list of my favorite homemade skin products you can make easily yourself for a fraction of the cost!

One of my favorite beauty gurus Michelle Phan (from Youtube) has posted a few of her own recipes for skin toners, facial masks and body scrubs.

Here’s a few links to her awesome homemade products along with a description how to do it yourself:

Rice Water For Healthy Skin:

Anti-Acne Honey Cinnamon Mask!:

How to Reduce Cellulite with Coffee:

Rice Water For Healthy Skin


-Organic Jasmine Rice

-a cotton cleansing pad and paper towels

-a bowl

-8 oz. of pure water

1) Start with a freshly cleansed face; fill your bowl with uncooked rice

2) pour the cup of water over the rice, leave about an inch of water on top

3) Stir the water until it looks cloudy

4) Fill up an empty container such as an empty spice jar

5) Use toner every day to cleanse skin and remove dirt and oil

Anti-Acne Honey Cinnamon Mask


-3 tbsp honey


1) 3 tablespoon of honey

2) Add one table spoon of cinnamon to the honey and stir

3) Microwave mixture for 30 seconds.

4) Allow to cool and paint mask onto your face

5) Leave on for 10 minutes then rinse off.

Coffee Body Scrub


- old coffee grinds

-olive oil

-a bowl

1) Put your coffee grinds in a bowl and pour extra virgin olive oil on top, about 3 tbsp.

2) Mix together and start scrubbing your skin (somewhere in the bathroom would be best since it’s very messy)
Skin plays a vital role as your body’s first line of defense against infection and other harsh elements. Moisturized, healthy skin is your body’s best defense against bacteria and viruses because it is a naturally occlusive barrier that keeps moisture in and infectious agents out. Plus everyone wants that “glowing” look, and healthy skin will stay looking smoother and healthier longer.
We hope you have some fun trying out these simple, affordable at home treatments to keep your skin sumptuous. Have fun pampering yourself and as always.. Stay Healthy!
Mr. & Mrs. F